Why your business needs an omni-channel communication solution like this

Woman in front of a laptop with statement about aligning your business with an-all round solution including gikko branding

We’re shaping the communications industry in fast-forward motion. Are you ready?

Collect data and/or conversational information from any one of our communication channels to contextualise how customers are responding to your campaigns.

What is omni-channel communication?

Centralized customer communication coming through a wide range of channels (Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Voice), in one platform. With an omnichannel solution, all communication channels such as mobile messaging are found here and integrated to provide a seamless customer experience.

Why use an omni-channel communication solution?

  1. Costs

When your communication doesn’t get to your customers in time or in a preferable manner (for instance SMS or WhatsApp), it costs time, money and your business’s reputation. Imagine having a platform that allows you to schedule your communication and for your customers to receive their updates in real-time. Everyone wins!

2. Security

Our messaging platform has a unique login for individual users. Your customer details are safe. You don’t have to worry about arranging security measures to keep unwanted people from accessing that information.

3. Efficiency

We have a guaranteed delivery rate of 99.99% across all networks in Zimbabwe and can get your message to about 136 global locations should you need to. Our tech support is always available should there be any problems and training as well as refresher sessions are absolutely free. Should you need to check the stats, delivery rate or any errors that occur when your message goes out, our mobile messaging platform provides comprehensive user-friendly reports. We want the best communication services for your customers!

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