Why SMS messages are a must for the Healthcare Industry?

African doctor wearing a doctors coat holding a clipboard smiling with statement the advantages of using sms for your healthcare institution

For a medical practitioner, there can be nothing more frustrating as a missed appointment. They cost precious medical practice time and more so impact a patient’s treatment continuity.

This is why it’s important to have an advanced appointment reminder system in place. Fortunately, in this age of technology, you can integrate the use of an automated SMS service to streamline this entire process. Additionally, your staff can be relieved from the time-consuming task of making phone calls to remind patients of their scheduled appointments.

SMS is one of the most preferred and effective mediums. In this age of  multitude of advanced and smart communication tools, SMS still enjoys an outstanding open rate of 97%. This makes SMS one of the most efficient tools to send out appointment reminders.

 Advantages of using SMS as appointment reminder

  1. The Most Efficient Communication Tool

As mentioned earlier, SMS has an impressively good open rates as compared to other tools like emails.  Moreover, an average individual spends almost 4 hours a day on their phone. So, this makes SMS one of the popular communication tools to send appointment reminders. This automated reminders which notifies the patients about the upcoming appointment that makes it easier for them to remember it.

  1. Better Chance of Advanced Notice

SMS reminders for medical appointments is a great way to enable your patients an opportunity to notify the doctors in advance, if they are unable to make it. For example, if you send a SMS a week before the scheduled appointment, they are more likely to respond to confirm their appointment or even reschedule it. Moreover, such seamless communication enables the front desk to reschedule patients while still having adequate time to fill any new vacant time slots.

  1. Enhance Your Patient Experience

Using SMS reminders can also help enhance the overall patient experience. This gives them the ability to quickly and effortlessly communicate with the doctor’s office. With this you can also further nurture your relationship with patients which further makes the treatment smooth and hassle-free.

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