WhatsApp Chatbots- Transforming the Insurance Industry

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The key to successful business, according to leading Insurance companies, is being the first to get information to customers both current and potential.

The solution is providing Answers, instant answers through WhatsApp Chatbots.

Many chatbots can be frustrating as they can only reply to FAQs and often stall when a conversation veers slightly out of context. The best insurance chatbots would be able to hold a conversation using natural language and help the customer complete the process while providing personalized suggestions and guiding the customer from start-to-finish.

Instant, personalized, round-the-clock support is just one way of describing Gikko’s Chatbot solution. Our goal is for insurance companies to deliver unique, high-quality customer experiences.

While many insurance companies use various platforms to assist their customers, these are somewhat limited. These platforms can usually only be accessed via one or two channels, and customers have been unable to continue conversations across different channels by switching, for example, from their computer to mobile phone.

Many platforms also fail to provide end-to-end assistance. Users inevitably need to access the website, where it can be difficult to find the specific information a customer requires, OR call support personnel to complete their processes, where long queues, time restraints and language obstacles can often be a great inconvenience.

This is why the WhatsApp Chatbot solution in insurance has established itself as the best solution to add value to user experience while reducing operational costs.

WhatsApp Chatbots will allow customers to manage their insurance claims quickly and efficiently while serving as a listening channel that provides actionable insights to further understand customer behaviour and preferences.

This information allows insurance firms to deliver personalized services and suggest better offers that adjust to each client’s needs. The more efficient a customer service is, the fewer risks there are for human errors and the bigger the savings in operational costs.

According to a Juniper Study, the use of conversational chatbots like the WhatsApp Chatbot Solution for insurance, will lead to cost savings of almost $1.3 billion by 2023.This can prove to be a differential factor that can allow insurance firms to stay at the forefront of the competition.

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