WhatsApp Chatbots – An Opportunity Your Business Should Not Pass Up

WhatsApp Chatbots – An Opportunity Your Business Should Not Pass Up

An essential part of effective marketing is reaching out to customers wherever they are. As the most popular messaging app with a whopping 1.6 billion monthly users, WhatsApp is definitely where most of your customers already are. Where is the opportunity? Now your business can also be on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp originally functioned as a platform to connect friends and family, however it has gradually evolved into a medium for businesses to engage with their customers.

Why should your business be on the most popular messaging app?

WhatsApp Business was designed with small business owners in mind enabling them to connect with their customers. WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, is for medium and large businesses created to connect with customers from around the world and send automated quick replies at scale. This is what Gikko wants to help you achieve.

As a business, here are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp chatbot in Africa:

  • The platform is available to all, be it small, home-run businesses or large enterprises.
  • WhatsApp chatbots offer a richer customer experience that helps with customer retention and engagement.
  • Builds brand awareness and brand loyalty while enhancing customer relationships.
  • Makes your business available over multiple channels.
  • Ability to send broadcasts and outbound notifications to clients.
  • Facilitates businesses to connect with customers through an interactive and visual medium.
  • Global availability of WhatsApp, which allows you to develop a customer-centric chatbot catering to all audiences even if they are out of your reach.

We also want to examine the benefits for Customer Care and Support Executives.

Here are the main benefits from the customer support angle:

  • WhatsApp chatbots can be customized to deal with frequently asked questions.
  • Customers will receive instant responses from your business, and this two-way conversation adds to brand loyalty.
  • Complex queries can be automatically handed from the bot to the customer support executive using chatbot-to-human handover which is important especially in Africa due to preferred face-to-face service and language barriers .
  • If unable to provide a satisfactory resolution, chatbots can also suggest nearby stores or service centers and even share their location pins.
  • Chatbots can share ticket status and important details with clients. For example, a WhatsApp business chatbot representing a travel agency could share check-in details, live flight status, itinerary, etc.
  • Through WhatsApp chatbot, organizations can set up and collect surveys from clients. This can help with the enhancement of their products and services (and even chatbot workflows in some instances).
Source: Business2Community

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