WhatsApp banking: how to build an end-to-end customer journey

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Over the past few years, the rising use of messaging services like WhatsApp has inspired many businesses across industries to adapt.

One of the industries that has adapted to these developments in communication and technology the best is the banking and finance sector. With the introduction of conversational banking, it has undergone its own type of digital change.

Financial institutions can provide customers with quick and simple access to online support services by using conversational banking, which also gives each interaction a human touch.

Additionally, take advantage of marketing and sales use cases since they are crucial in the creation of these conversational experiences. Because of this, we can handle the whole banking client journey from Infobip’s communication platform in conjunction with WhatsApp.

Here, we highlight the advantages of using the WhatsApp Business Platform for banking communications and give some effective use cases to get you started.



Use WhatsApp’s enormous reach to the fullest extent possible with the help of our omnichannel platform. As your company expands, we give you the option to scale your communications, and when used in conjunction with WhatsApp, your company may reach clients anywhere in the world. With 2 billion users, customers are increasingly using WhatsApp as their main form of communication. In fact, 68% of customers believe WhatsApp to be the best platform for communicating with companies.



We are always aware of local compliance procedures thanks to our global network and local insights. Businesses and customers can rely on WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption in conjunction with the platform’s robustness and dependability to ensure the compliance and security of their messages in any location.

Also, use WhatsApp’s branded and verified sender capabilities to give your clients piece of mind when communicating with you. Customers can disclose their private banking information without feeling uncomfortable knowing they are communicating with a verified account.



Long calls to your contact centre and time-consuming commonly asked questions can be avoided by using instant messaging with rich media and chatbot automation. Customers can easily address issues on their own with a WhatsApp chatbot developed on our chatbot creation platform /answers, resulting in fewer time, resources, and money lost.

By using the high-reach chat app to advertise, banks can also improve the return on their advertising investments. On Facebook and Instagram, businesses can run advertising that link to WhatsApp and nurture a lead in a single conversation. There is no need to invest extra money in acquiring new leads and non-targeted advertising.


Improve efficiency 

Including a WhatsApp chatbot improves more than just your financial situation. By ensuring that only serious or urgent issues get to your support staff, it also increases their effectiveness. By linking your chatbot to a cloud contact centre solution, you can enable smooth transfers to agents, providing them with a complete picture of the history and context of the interaction. Customer experience is uninterrupted and repetition is decreased.


Convenient onboarding

Provide customers a seamless onboarding experience using their preferred chat app so they can get started without going to a nearby branch. Provide documents, instructional films, and other onboarding materials using rich media elements to enhance the user experience.


Conversational design

We want your financial organisation to be successful. To help you design the ideal conversational journey using our technologies and WhatsApp, we provide CX consultancy. Our consultants can build a journey that will leave the best possible impression on your customers by taking into account your brand image, customer needs, business needs, and tone of voice.


One platform for every communication

Add banking use cases to your digital services to improve engagement, boost retention, and upsell products along the whole customer journey. These use cases range from customer assistance to sales and marketing. With the aid of our CX consultants, our platform enables you to scale as your business expands and add use cases.

Let us assist you in utilising WhatsApp for business marketing.


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