The Best Customer Service for Insurance Companies

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For most insurance companies their prime source of revenue comes from long term customers. Let’s take a look at when these customers communicate.
They may reach out at a few critical points:
– when they apply,
– when they have a change in policy,
– when they have questions,
–  when they make a claim.

A recent Accenture study noted that over half of customers are interested in relevant, real-time offers from insurers. What is the solution to communicating this information? WhatsApp Chatbots of course. Your business can save time for your agents to deal with more pressing issues with chatbot automation: a recent study showed that 74% of customers are very willing to receive computer-generated advice on which type of insurance to buy.

Chatbots will aid insurance companies in creating meaningful long-term customer relationships.

Let’s take a look at the fast, reliable and relevant chatbot communication below where a policy holder is enquiring about filing a claim:

Maintaining open communication is one of the most crucial aspects. Your business really has to listen to what customers are saying and let them know that you are willing to guide them throughout their journey (See how to map your customers journey with a chatbot here). This is how trust is gained, which is the ultimate goal in building relationships. Another key aspect is a timely response. This makes customers feel valued.

Remember, long-term customer relationships drive loyalty, which in turn, drives higher revenue, stronger bottom line, and a better reputation.

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