Reach More Customers with a Faster, Reliable, More Secure SMS Service

hand shake with approved symbol and a statement about security and increasing customer trust includes Gikko branding

Take your global SMS messaging strategy to the next level with our platform. Built for scale, speed, security and deliverability. 

Connect with customers nationwide on any platform from our  interface and enjoy all the benefits of an industry-leading platform that ensures compliance and value. Our base sends +15 million messages per month across Zimbabwe with a 7 second delivery time. Our customers can confirm this:

“What I enjoy most about working with the Gikko Team is DELIVERY. This is what makes them stand out- that their system *actually works*” ~ METBANK, Chester Ndzirandzemuka, Head of Innovation & Digital Banking.

What are your communications services doing to increase customer trust and awareness? 

Enhancing customer experience on all levels is important especially where security is concerned. Before the internet boom, companies and institutions had very little to worry about.  The identity and authentication of customers and users was more or less stored manually and offline. With consumers almost always being physically at the point of sale or service, fake profiles and online identity scams were not a concern.

Since then, many aspects of everyday life have migrated online. A growing portion of transactions, purchases and social interactions are carried out over the internet, with participants physically detached from the company or institution providing the service.

With this in mind, one of our priorities since inception has been to adhere to global standard IT security standards. This will ensure your business and customer information is always safe and hacker-proof. When dealing with technology providers that have access to your customer database, it’s important to note what security measures they provide, which security policies they comply to and consider if you are putting your customers at risk. All you have to do is request their security certification. Find out more about Gikko’s security measures.

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