Instant Customer Support Service

Man holding a smartphone asking the bank for a loan via a what's app chat and the personalised response received from the bank with information about how they can help


The recent worldwide health crisis put the need to modernize customer communication and improve internal processes into the spotlight.

This means that businesses have been working towards digital transformation more than ever. As it happens, chatbots have been propelled to the forefront of these digitization efforts. The question is, what makes them great? Why are customers veering towards business chatbots instead of support personnel? This article will aim to answer these questions.

In a nutshell, the average customer would rather chat to a “life-like” bot than spend 30 minutes on hold when calling support staff. Let’s look at an example of a chatbot providing FAQ services regarding bank loans:


Let’s look at four positive qualities of this customer service:

  1. Politeness.

    We know that training employees to put the customers’ needs first can be a long process and fail due to human error leading to many customer complaints .

    With a chatbot, you don’t have this problem. This allows your business to provide an individual experience to every single user and create a positive, customer-centric brand image.

  2. Personalization.

    Mentioning your customer by name can go a long way in keeping them engaged. It is often what results in customer loyalty, customer retention and increases leads by word of mouth. Creating a hyper-personalized customer experience is the top trend in Marketing and Sales for 2020. Read more.
  3. Relevant information and action.

    The information available on a website or in an app can overwhelm customers quickly and it is not always relevant to them. Using chatbots allows your customer to get direct access to the information they need. In the example above, the customer has already been given access to the relevant form to fill out for a loan and it is now up to them to take action.

  4. Instant response time at anytime.

    An added advantage of chatbots is their constant availability. With a large/growing company, comes great expectations. Quick responses to inquiries are the set standard. In the example above, you can note the time of customer inquiry and the response time.

    With a chatbot, you can offer your customers a service that is available 24 hours a day, even if there is no employee in the office. The customer also has the opportunity to communicate at their convenience. 

    Overall, this simple chat interaction covered all the major characteristics of a positive customer experience. The customer got a personalized, instant response after hours and obtained relevant information according to their needs. WhatsApp Chatbots definitely up the standard of customer service. Incorporate WhatsApp campaigns into your business marketing plan with Gikko. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today.




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