How to Measure the Success of Your SMS Campaign

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Because it is quick and affordable, bulk SMS is a very popular way to sell your goods or services. A large group of people are promptly sent messages, which saves time and boosts corporate efficiency.

However, a lot of businesses ponder whether there is a high return on investment. Yes, is the answer. By keeping an eye on the messages sent and received, you can simply measure your return on investment while putting up an SMS campaign. Here’s how:

Track the open rate: The number of people that opened and read your SMS message is shown by the open rate. You may determine whether your message was effectively delivered to the client by monitoring the open rate.

Conversion rate: This tally counts the number of people who visited your website or made a purchase after getting your SMS. It is a good idea to include the URL of your website when sending messages so that customers and potential customers can visit it to learn more about your company. One example of this would be;

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Delivery rate: The percentage of communications that are successfully delivered to their intended recipients is known as the delivery rate. With the bulk SMS software you’re utilising, this is simple to track. Go to your outbox in our platform to see the sent messages, the recipients, and the date and time of delivery.

Click-through rate (CTR): This statistic reveals how many recipients of your SMS message clicked on a link. It’s crucial to remember that the link must point to your profile. This is exploited by numerous businesses, who link to their website.

Bounce rate: This measures the volume of messages that failed to reach their recipients because of incorrect or nonexistent phone numbers. Through the outbox, where you can see the message, the date and time it was sent, and the number it was sent to, the Platform can keep track of that. Before sending a message, you can also find out if it will be able to reach a specific number. The entered numbers will be displayed both correctly and incorrectly in a pop-up notice.

Feedback rate: This counts the number of recipients that replied to or provided feedback in response to your SMS. If the communication has a website link or phone number, this can be easily monitored.

The benefits of measuring your bulk SMS campaign are countless. Just like with any marketing initiative, it’s critical to understand what works and what doesn’t. Since SMS marketing, and marketing in general, is a trial-and-error process, it is crucial to track and measure each marketing strategy’s development and return on investment. 

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