How successful Insurance Companies use Whatsapp Chatbots

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In 2021,  insurance company’s products and offers aren’t enough to make it stand out. Successful insurance companies are using WhatsApp Chatbot solutions to change the way they interact with not just their customers but potential customers therefore the BIGGEST brand differentiator is customer experience.

Generational changes have brought on a change in who new customers are- they come from a digitally native background and have high demands when it comes to how a brand treats them. These expectations shouldn’t be taken lightly: studies have shown that one-third of consumers would consider switching companies after a single poor customer service experience.

Today we’re taking the top three WhatsApp chatbot strategies implemented by successful insurance companies and breaking them down into digestible steps so your company may share the success.

Step 1: Enhance Customer Support

Most customers buy insurance because they know they need to, but don’t necessarily want to. However, insurance companies must be prepared to assist clients in conducting end-to-end seamless processes in a conversational and secure manner, so that making any adjustments is not considered an extra burden.

Step 2: Provide Personalized Advice and Cross-Selling

According to a study by Accenture, 67% of car insurance users are open to sharing data if they can receive adjustments to their insurance costs based on their usage patterns.

The real value of collecting customer insights is that they can be used to provide better deals and advice on quotas and insurance claims. By keeping track of customer behaviour and habits, you can fine tune your chatbot to make specific recommendations.

Step 3: Manage Internal Operations

By using automation and speeding up repetitive tasks, staff can focus on further developing their skills or resolving more complex back-office operations. Learn more here.


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