How retail chains Are using Whatsapp Chatbots

hands holding a smartphone with statement about retail chains enriching their customer experience including Gikko branding

The WhatsApp Business API can be integrated into your customer communications platform to automate the delivery of messages and notifications through the channel. WhatsApp Business can be used to create personalized, two-way conversational interactions that differentiate your brand experience.

Leading retail chains have been getting onboard with providing a digital experience especially since their customers couldn’t reach them for most of this year. Implementing WhatsApp Business API proved to be the best way to improve digital customer experience.

Virtual assistance for customer service

76% of consumers now prefer to find a fast and convenient self-service solution to resolve an issue they may have whether in store or from their home. You can tap into this preference by deploying a branded virtual assistant over WhatsApp to act as the first point of contact for both new and existing customers.

The assistant/chatbot can greet customers, answer FAQs and drive awareness of the different self-service customer journeys that are available through the channel – from account recovery to store stock checks. The example below shows you how you would navigate the options. This interaction also gives the the customer the impression that they are being guided through their journey which in turn makes them feel more valued.

When all self-service options have been exhausted, or the enquiry is identified as high priority, a contact center agent can be connected into the chat to take over the conversation. The chatbot also helps free up time of customer service agents so that they can deal with more pressing issues.

WhatsApp for Business is a major opportunity for retailers to meet the changing expectations of today’s smart, connected consumer.

Enabling seamless, personalised one-to-one service is key, and if you can make it happen on the messaging channels favoured by your customers, you’ll reap the rewards that come with stronger customer relationships and a better retail experience.

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