How Insurance companies benefit from an Omni-channel communication service

man with smartphone in one hand, pen in the other writing on a page on a clipboard with a statement leveraging mobile messages for insurance companies including Gikko branding

Initially, mobile messaging has been widely used by insurance companies for business communications. With the omni-channel messaging services that Gikko offers, the insurance sector has captured new prospects, increased customer acquisitions and improved communication and retention both for the organization and its customers.

If your insurance company is not using this method to communicate or send out reminders on payment due dates, premium alerts, policy details, and additional coverage options to clients your company may be set at a disadvantage. Timely and informative mobile message updates help existing clients to keep track of their policy details and provide knowledge about new products for the prospective clients.

Mobile messaging, with it’s quick, instant and timely delivery preferences, ranks way above all other modes of communication and any marketer will confirm that they have the highest open rates. Additionally, sending mobile messages in bulk has proven to be an effective low cost solution for all insurance agents to reach a larger, targeted audience.

How does this messaging service directly affect the bottom line for insurance companies?

  1. Instant message deliveries 
  2. Regular feedback from clients
  3. Proper customer care management
  4. Campaign Performance Reports
  5. Excellent ROI

These are just a few of the positive results of using an omni-channel messaging service for Insurance companies. The results help them to build excellent rapport with the customers while managing their brand image.

Our services will help you to capture an entirely new market potential within the insurance target market. We aim to increase your profitability directly and indirectly with our messaging service. 

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