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Optimizing Customer Conversations With Result
The year shouldn’t go by without a tactical change to your overall strategy. In a world where interruptions are more frequent and we’re more easily distracted than ever, we, as marketers and business owners, need to focus on optimizing our conversations as much as we focus on sales. This is why implementing a conversational marketing plan is critical.

Today we share the values that come with “going conversational”

1. Maintaining Connection

In order to have an effective conversation, you need to create a connection. In-person that might mean eye contact and non-verbal cues but over chat apps, this is different. This is where context helps. To determine context you can start off by mapping your customer’s journey. This will make it easier to determine how the conversation will flow and maintain the connection.

2. Building Customer Loyalty

Another aspect of an effective conversation is trust. Once trust is established on either side, it can lead to customer loyalty which results in returning leads and referrals. We build trust through maintaining the connection and offering quick, valuable information. This is an effective conversation.

3. One-on-one Virtual Conversations

Let’s think of what can be achieved in a one-on-one conversation with a customer as opposed to a one to many scenario. The customer that has a one-on-one experience with a chatbot leaves the conversation satisfied with all the answers to their questions. These interactions add up to real connections and conversations because one-to-one has a more valuable outcome than one too many.

Broadcasting your message to as many people as possible does work but now we have a powerful marketing tool that enables meaningful conversations with each customer and drives revenue. We can still scale masses with WhatsApp chatbot conversations as well as be more effective in qualifying leads.

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