Give your business a boost by investing in WhatsApp chatbots

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Attention all marketers! Wondering what you can do to get your company out of an economic rut, the answer is WhatsApp Chatbot strategy.

Most marketers think it is challenging to build an audience on WhatsApp. But when you already have your target audience list on your customer data platforms with email addresses, contact numbers, and other information, you just need to find out whether they use WhatsApp or invite them.

Another concern for marketers is that they don’t want to be intrusive by sending users WhatsApp marketing messages directly. But, smart, well-timed, and relevant messaging can help you reach them without getting blocked.

Here are 10 reasons to create a WhatsApp Chatbot Marketing Strategy:

  1. WhatsApp is a widely-used messaging platform.
  2. People prefer using chat over phone calls.
  3. Your target audience is already on WhatsApp.
  4. WhatsApp offers high user engagement.
  5. Permission-based marketing at its best on WhatsApp.
  6. You can personalize conversations on WhatsApp.
  7. ​​​​​​​Diverse feature set for different marketing needs.
  8. WhatsApp Business API for different organizational needs, e.g. can be directed to sales, marketing, support.
  9. Customer service for improved customer experience.
  10. WhatsApp is free.

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