Five ways to grow your SMS marketing list

graphic image of hand with a tree growing out of it with a statement five ways to grow your sms marketing list including Gikko branding

Most consumers think that businesses should send bulk SMS marketing messages to customers more frequently than they currently do. This allows customers access to information about your product/business at their convenience. So, it’s time to start sending texts to your customers! 

The more numbers you have, the more outreach you’ll have to generate revenue. 

  1. Run a promotion

One of the most effective ways to collect customer phone numbers is by running a promotion. You can promote your product across your website, through email campaigns, social media platforms and in-store. A key requirement is that you offer a give-away/discount or beneficial information that is enough to encourage your customers to sign up. Then, sit back and watch your list grow. Be sure to inform your customers that they may receive updates of a similar context via mobile message marketing if they choose to sign up.

2. Data capture

This can be done when customers fill in their contact information via your website or in-store when filling in forms or making a purchase. Be sure to offer customers an incentive for signing up.

3. Draw from your email marketing list

If you have already built up an email marketing list, then you can use email to encourage customers to sign up for SMS notifications as well.  

Once you have built up your SMS list, you can then use it in sync with email. You’ll be able to send texts to your customers that preps them for incoming emails. Since SMS has a 98% open rate, you can rest assured that your customers will see your message.

4. Print Media

Include sign up instructions on your posters, flyers and any other printed advertising at events such as trade shows, golf days, and business networking.

5. Social Media

Increase your SMS marketing subscribers by promoting the benefits across your social media platforms. This will allow you to gain subscribers that may not visit your website often but follow your company on social media.

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