cellphone tower with gikko branding and statement about enriching customer experience with a global standard solution

In partnering with Gikko, you gain a powerful business partner that can help you achieve communication with your customers through mobile devices in a more efficient and cost effective way. Learn more about us.

  1. Global Technology
    Delivering global first class platforms integrated with local and international networks.


  1. Local Service
    Supporting clients requirements with customized and personal touch.

“Being one of the largest commercial banks in Zimbabwe, we have depended on the Gikko SMS system for several years now. Since the relationship was established we have enjoyed great professional service from them and I personally feel comfortable working with the Gikko team. From the beginning, our system integration with Gikko was completed in record time. “

                                ~CBZ Holdings, Adolf Tandi, IT Systems Technical Support Department

  1. A-Grade Security
    Uncompromising security standards that ensure data protection at every level. Read more about our IT security compliance.


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