Old mutual case study showing branding and a statement creating a unified customer engagement platform

Old Mutual Limited (OML) is a premium African financial services group that offers a broad spectrum of financial solutions to retail and corporate customers across key markets in 14 countries.

Communications is an integral part of our delivery of value to our customers. It is
something that we champion as Old Mutual/CABS. One of the many reasons we love to work
with Gikko is their ability to send time sensitive communication to customers. The Gikko Team
is a joy to work with and they offer the necessary support whenever we need them.
~ Lindiwe Thebethebe, Marketing Executive, Old Mutual/CABS


The different business units of the Old Mutual Group in Zimbabwe needed a single messaging portal through which to communicate with its customers. Due to an expansion in business units there has been an increase in their service offering and customer base. There was a need to streamline and optimize customer communication and satisfy a number of challenges:

  • Lack of analytical and performance metrics: tracking marketing efforts and how each unit is performing.
  • Lack of personalisation for the individual business units: Communication for certain products
    needed personalisation.
  • Ability to serve and communicate with customers abroad: The IT, Marketing and Contact
    Centre needed an efficient system to communicate with customers abroad without having to
    invest in various platforms and infrastructure.


Communications as a platform solution with different sub-accounts. Gikko provided Old Mutual with relevant sub-accounts that tailored to the needs of the different products and services as well as across various business units. To personalise messages and ensure the customers knew which business unit they were communicating with Gikko was able to integrate multiple unique sender IDs across different mobile networks both locally and internationally, this helped customers to easily identify with the relevant Old Mutual product or service.

Through a single intuitive web interface , Old Mutual was able to understand broadcast communication effectiveness from a range of options that suited their needs: dashboard view, summary metrics, customized reports or logs view.


• Contextualised and increased reach of various products and services from different business units.
• Old Mutual saw a shift from traditional marketing efforts to more efficient digital customer engagement via Gikko’s Solutions.

Personnel throughout the business were able to use SMS from a single interface to communicate
with their target audience which allowed them to :

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Personalize communication
  • Reduce admin
  • Improve time efficiencies




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