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Nyaradzo Group is a dynamic group of companies that provides financial, insurance, risk and event management solutions.

Gikko is a great partner for us because
they have the SMS platform that we really
~Julius Manyengavana, Administrator, Nyaradzo Life Assurance.


Digitalising communication to policy holders from remote locations to international destinations Nyaradzo is best known as Zimbabwe’s leading funeral policy provider. Their services stretch from those in the diaspora to the most remotely located individuals. In times when people have lost loved ones, there is a lot of uncertainty as to which steps to take. Policy holders would need to use resources to go to the nearest Nyaradzo branch to get details of the deceased. After some research, Nyaradzo found that this process could be made easier for the client if they were updated at every step.


Using SMS to improve and update the policy update experience Gikko provided Nyaradzo with a flexible and secure solution that helps them engage their policy holders using personalised SMS.

Nyaradzo policy holders could now receive all the information concerning their policies such as real time alerts, payment reminders and information on the body of the deceased on their mobile devices. This worked well for customers that were in remote locations that do not have a Nyaradzo branch in proximity, these customers also have limited access to media when compared to those in urban areas. Through a simple SMS, policy holders can get the latest information on any Nyaradzo products, service offerings or the status of their policy.

Unify multiple customer databases: Nyaradzo can now monitor messages sent to customers from a single platform and can message the right customers within the relevant segments.


Working with Gikko and using SMS to stay connected with customers has led to positive results in terms of productivity, speeds and efficiency. The SMS solution helped  Nyaradzo notify customers as well as promote products across the country keeping +400K customers engaged. One employee can do the work of 10 sending messages, as well as monitoring and analyzing complaints.


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