“Gikko provided us with a solution that enabled us to engage our customers on multiple platforms. Feedback from the reports generated on the channel resulted in us enhancing our database thereby increasing the effectiveness of our campaigns and marginally increasing our sales leads.”

Nonhlahla Mukawu – Marketing Business Partner.

As one of the leading banks in the Zimbabwean financial sector, NMB Bank aims to provide premium financial services and uniquely branded technology-enabled products to all markets. Gikko continuously provides us with optimal service and their platform enables us to effortlessly communicate with our customers as it is not only a one-stop shop of convenience but refreshingly easy to navigate as well.


Globally people have gone digital and as NMB Bank we needed an Omni-channel platform that would enable us to connect all of our touch points, that is brick-and-mortar branches, social, website, email, and mobile. We needed a platform that could offer flexible workflows and seamless cross-channel communications.


As NMB Bank, we decided to onboard Gikko Mobile Messaging platform that also integrated Email communication.

The platform allowed us to not only send out multiple communications directing our customers to different platforms that is branch network, social media and website but also run and track the effectiveness of campaigns through measurements of metrics such as delivery, open, and response rate. We were able to optimise our database for better reach, which in turn significantly increased our response rate and sales leads.



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