Communication Strategies for Insurance Companies

man holding cellphone in front of two cars with statement implementing a no fail communication strategy for insurance companies

Are you in the insurance field? Looking to simplify processes and improve your bottom line? We have the solution.

Merging the Insurance industry with our communication services can make  dealing with clients, pushing out information and marketing a whole lot easier and more efficient especially on a large scale.

Today, we’ll outline how insurance companies can leverage mobile messaging. Here are a few tips for driving your marketing strategy in the right direction:


To limit the amount clients who fall behind on payments, need to cover their excess which could lead to their policy being terminated. A series of reminders can be sent via bulk SMS so that they are always up to date on how and when they need to pay.


It is always best to inform your clients on what other offers you have available. This way, if a client wants to make use of more services, they can be informed via SMS. Many insurance companies also tend to offer discounts for clients with multiple insurance packages.


The process of having your claim looked at and receiving confirmation can be long and to help your clients be less stressed about it, you can update on the progress of the claim with every step. For example, the moment you receive the claim you can notify the client.


For advertising purposes, you can send an SMS to your clients letting them know the best way to contact you for quote. This will cut your customer lead time in half as agents can attend to queries more promptly.

You can send your clients links via SMS to find out via google maps on where your business is located or how many branches your company has and in their area as well as your operating hours. When claims are made, depending on the type of claim you can also send users the location of accredited service providers or service centers.

Should you have any questions about communication marketing or would like some advice on how best to use our services to keep your clients happy, contact us here

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