Boost your sms campaigns with web links

Boost your sms campaigns with web links

As we all know SMS marketing is an incredibly effective tool for businesses, whether it is being used for transactional messages, customer support, important information, delivery notifications or marketing and promotions – SMS works incredibly well.

In fact no matter what the message is, or what the business sector is, SMS has the ability to reach millions of customers, instantly and effectively in a simple click.

SMS over the years has not really changed since the first message was sent over 25 years ago. The incredible open rate of 98%, makes it an incredibly powerful method of communication for businesses to communicate with their customers on. Simple straight to the point text, followed by a call to action and website link, means it is amazingly effective for businesses.

But what if you could boost the conversion rate of your SMS campaign further?

Our finance clients have confirmed having a positive click-through rate for including a link in their SMS’s to their new loan policies. How can other businesses use links to boost their SMS campaign?

New product or service
When you launch a new product or service, sometimes you want to include some more information to communicate value to the customer. Including a link in your SMS allows you to do that, whether you are promoting a new food menu, new range of products or services, some extra text and the ability to add images and more contact details can really help.

Including links for launching events and sending invites. Clients can respond immediately to your event and you can include a button allowing people to buy tickets to the event or register interest.

Sales and marketing
SMS is great for sales and marketing, entice your customers with a link leading to a call to action button that they simply cannot resist clicking.

We hope your sms notifications are providing the optimum customer experience. Feel free to contact us for advice on how to further improve omni-channel communication

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