Banks! 5 must-have notification alerts for 2020

Banks! 5 must-have notification alerts for 2020

People only have peace of mind when they’re able to keep track of their financial position, especially during hard economic times, when money is tight and job security uncertain.

Any modern bank should allow customers to monitor their accounts and get instant updates wherever they are by sending information directly to their mobile phones.

In a survey conducted by Gikko , we established  5 types of SMS notifications that bank customers appreciate most;

  1. Alerts for real-time transactions

Timely updates on account activity made it easy to track balances. This includes letting customers know the second their paycheck comes through. We all know that between the 23rd and the 1st of the following month we’re all waiting for that salary deposit notification.

  1. Bank Charges & Low Balance

What happens when money is tight and gets a little too close to the red? As we rely increasingly on electronic transfers and debit cards, it becomes easier than ever to lose track of funds. Overdraft fees can add up, but SMS notifications make it easier to know when funds are running low. Our survey indicated that customers are aware of recurring price increases and appreciate knowing more about them to improve their budgeting. They also admitted that they would rather get SMS alerts about  their banking activity rather than having to login online or visit the bank to obtain a balance.

  1. Fraudulent Activity

This keeps customers money safe. Simply sending out an SMS to inform your customers about your security protocols is always appreciated, for instance,

“Our bank will never call you asking for your personal banking information such as PIN and One Time Password” 

It is also useful to include contact details for further clarification.

  1. Payment Reminders

This reminds customers to make sure their account is funded for regular deductions e.g. loan repayments.

  1. Downtime or Maintenance Alerts

This considerate communication allows customers to plan ahead or take alternate measures while banks undergo routine maintenance and avoid being stranded at the till with groceries that they now have to leave behind.

We hope your banking notifications are providing the optimum customer experience. Feel free to contact us for advice on how to further improve omni-channel communication

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