Banks: Building Customer Trust with Security

hand holding a smartphone with a lock on the screen stating security control and a statement asking the banks are risking customers security

In previous blog posts we have mentioned how personalisation of communication services are part of building customer relationships up to loyalty and trust. Today we discuss how backing that up with a sense of security is where banking services really begin to make an impact. 

For the banking institutions out there, ask your organisation:

What security measures does your technology provide?
Are you risking the security of your customers?
Are you compliant with international standards?

Your customers have access to on-demand communication services like WhatsApp and Facebook. The technology they interact with on these platforms has raised the speed at which services are expected to be delivered. It can be challenging for banks to keep up with this demand and keep everyone secure simultaneously.

So how can banks make sure they are keeping their customers (and their financial information) secure- to effectively build trust? 

In a time where Zimbabwe’s economy is on the rocks and people are finding it difficult to make ends meet, hackers are on the prowl. The first measure banks should take is making sure that the technology they adopt is hack-proof. One of the most common methods to secure login details is 2-factor authentication.

Another important measure where any technology is concerned is to make sure they are compliant with international IT security standards. All you have to do is request their security certification.

Gikko’s communication technology is ISO certified and PCI DSS compliant. This means that all our services comply to international security standards. Banks can rest assured that their customer information is protected.

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