7 Reasons To Use Whatsapp For Customer Service

man standing against a wall looking at his smart phone with gikko branding for tech Tuesday and a statement about freeing up your support agents time by 64% using whatsapp and chat bots

1. 67% of customers used chatbots in the past year.

In the past year, two-thirds of customers have interacted with chatbots and even more have shifted to this platform since the lock down. This communications technology has become mainstream. We live fast, online lives that are dominated by our mobile devices.

Chatbot customer support has stepped up in a big way to deal with the back log of incoming queries since COVID-19. Chatbot statistics for 2019 show that people were already adjusting well to automated support and have now picked it up as the new normal.

2. 64% of internet users say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots.

Why do customers love chatbots? Firstly, their quick response and prompt service. Secondly, they want answers at any time of the day and enjoy their accessibility. This is why chatbots are so popular. As many as 64% of internet users see round-the-clock support as the biggest benefit.

3.  37% of people use a customer service bot to get a quick answer in emergencies.

Among customers who use chatbots, 37% use them for getting answers in case of an emergency. It’s also interesting to note that 35% use chatbots to resolve problems and the same percentage do so to get detailed answers or explanations.

4.  55% of people who use chatbots would expect them to provide instant responses and answers to simple questions.

Customer service trends show that WhatsApp chatbots’ benefits are numerous and customers are aware of this. Indeed, using a customer support chatbot gets you instant answers and asks you short, direct follow-up questions that are easy to understand. For speed and convenience, chatbots provide the perfect solution.

5.  53% of service organizations are going to use chatbots within the next 18 months especially with the COVID-19 situation at play.

Customer service organizations are using chatbots more and more every day. This technology helps identify issues, then solve them promptly without human assistance. A growth rate of 200% is predicted for 2020, proving that chatbots will have an even bigger role in the near future.

6. 58% of users say chatbots have changed their expectations of customer service.

Chatbots have changed customers’ experience for good. Consumers have certain expectations when it comes to AI, but according to the latest research, most say chatbots have positively affected their user experience.

7. 64% of agents that use a chatbot are free to solve more difficult problems.

With the help of WhatsApp chatbots, 64% of agents can work on resolving more complex problems. In comparison, only 30% of agents without chatbots have the same luxury.

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