3 reasons your business should invest in WhatsApp chatbots today?

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Chatbots have developed quite a hype this year as an increasing number of companies are using them to provide an additional service to their customers. 

Today we want to touch on the positives of investing in chatbots especially WhatsApp chatbots because let’s face it, you can’t name many people who don’t use WhatsApp. 

Here are three good reasons your investment will pay off. 

  1. Convenient communication for your customers.

 Not everyone is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not everyone will drive past your billboard or open your email and most recently, not everyone will venture out to your physical branch. Your business has to find a way to your customer at their convenience and a messenger service like WhatsApp is the perfect way to deliver your services. WhatsApp is not limited to just text messages, once your customers opt in you can share radio ads, videos, PDF’s, and all sorts of media with them.

Your business will have access to users of all ages, across the nation. You will be able to have a conversation through WhatsApp as they are using a communication channel they know and love.

  1. Guarantee a great user experience.

What better way to be the talk of the town than this. Picture a customer that has just interacted with your WhatsApp Chatbot and is so pleased with the experience that they forward your contact to all their contacts. Your business would have made waves with no additional cost. 

How will the experience be great? Chatbots use an intuitive natural language which gives the user a personalised experience. The conversation will often mimic that of conversing with a friend and the chatbots behavioural analysis usually cuts time spent on customers by 62% as they reach the information they need faster.

  1. A shorter customer journey. 

No one has the time to wait on hold for over an hour. They would most definitely exchange this experience for a chat at the drop of a hat. Your business can be known for its perfect customer satisfaction/retention/loyalty/experience record! 

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to place your business at the head of innovative leadership. Get started with WhatsApp Chatbots today. Contact us for further information.

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