3 Essential COVID-19 Adaptations to your Customer Mobile Messaging Experience

3 Essential COVID-19 Adaptations to your Customer Mobile Messaging Experience

With the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changing how companies operate across Zimbabwe, many businesses have taken to mobile messaging, email, social media and in-store signage to communicate clearly with customers about what they are doing to respond it.

Businesses from nearly every vertical are staying connected with customers updating them on business operations, health and safety protocols, closing stores temporarily, implementing remote work policies, reducing working hours and much more.

Communicating and investing in customer experience is a winning strategy in times of crisis or recession. The COVID-19 crisis will eventually subside and businesses that committed to their customers during this time would have gained trust and loyalty.

Here are 3 ways you can adapt the mobile messaging customer experience in times of crisis:

  1. Customer care and concern.

Do reach out to your customers with meaningful information.
In times of crisis customers will receive your message positively if it prioritizes the community, employees, etc.

2. Meet your customers where they are.

Consider digital models for all physical processes and communicate these options to your customers. They will appreciate having access from the safety of their home.

3. Migrate to digital platforms.

Moving customers to digital channels will save costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Gikko enables WhatsApp Business Accounts API, a solution that encompasses all of the above. It allows your customers access to your services from the safety and convenience of their homes and will maintain customer satisfaction even after COVID-19 has passed. For any business wanting to offer digital catalogues and amazing 2-way customer engagement, a WhatsApp Business Account if for you. Learn more here.

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