2 reasons your business needs a Conversational Marketing Plan

2 reasons your business needs a Conversational Marketing Plan

Some companies have successfully run creative WhatsApp marketing campaigns resulting in a boost in business leads and overall brand engagement.

Here are two significant reasons why a conversational marketing plan can add to your business success:

  1. Achieve Ultimate Customer Engagement

Over the COVID-19 period it’s become clear that Customer Service amounts to a great marketing initiative. Businesses everywhere are striving to provide anything but exceptional customer support to increase customer loyalty and reduce customer churn.

This is where a conversational marketing plan with chatbots, particularly on WhatsApp can prove most valuable. With interactions that come across as more conversational, and less transactional, customers tend to feel more valued as information is delivered in a personalized and engaging manner.

More importantly, the overall customer/conversational experience needs to be well planned and thought out. The interaction should line up with sales, marketing and support strategies to be effective.This is where Gikko can help. Get in touch.

  1. Connect Sales, Marketing and Support Efforts

As you know, all of the above take a significant amount of time but benefit the business in their own way. The marketing team helps in building customer relationships by incorporating a strategy to engage more and more customers and the sales team enters the picture when you have established a relationship with the customer, and the customer is willing to buy the product or service. Support on the other hand, manages initial queries and product maintenance.

With a conversational marketing plan, for instance, a WhatsApp chatbot,  your business can filter through all of this in less time with a transparent workflow, all the while saving time and costs. Learn more on how chatbots create big savings.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to engage our latest Conversational Marketing Project with Lafarge Zimbabwe, simply WhatsApp “Hi” to +263 78 712 5147 to meet “Muvaki” – A Personalized Digital Customer Care Assistant – and get caught up on how your business can engage customers and generate leads on a mass scale. To contact us for more information you can reach us at sales@gikko.net.

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