10 SMS Techniques to Improve 2023 Marketing Outcomes

A relatively recent technique for promoting a business is short message service (SMS), also referred to as mobile text messaging. SMS may be the most effective way to reach your target audience, according to Forbes in 2014. SMS may also be less expensive per target and can get a response rate of 45% when compared to other marketing strategies like email, which may only elicit a response from 6% of targets.

SMS marketing is a relatively new field. With a few effective strategies, you can boost revenue and build client loyalty. To include SMS marketing strategies in your mix, you can make use of the following ideas:

1. Make a mobile list first

Before you can send texts, you need a database of contacts. Similar to asking for email, you may ask your audience to receive SMS by asking them to opt in. To finish, just instruct them to text a keyword to your short code, which is a five- or six-digit number.

You might increase the number of contacts who have agreed to receive your SMS messages by doing this in addition to other forms of media. You might also provide your website’s email address. It’s a great method to increase your opt-in rate to provide a free incentive, such a report or a discount on your product. The best way to deliver your new contact the report is to send them a text message with a link to it.

2. Involve Your Audience

Because many people may pay to receive SMS, you should only send messages to people who have opted to do so. Even if they choose to participate, people respond best when you personally engage them. Your response will increase greatly if you include messages that are more personal rather than ones that seem to be spam.

When you use SMS to advertise a good or service to your audience, you might not get a good response. However, it’s more likely that members of your target market would enjoy receiving discounts or discount codes for your products and services.

3. Include a younger audience in your outreach

The 18 to 49 age group is the sweet spot for many television marketers. SMS would prosper in this sector. Since Gen X and Gen Y populations grew up with mobile phones and use them more frequently than baby boomers, it makes sense to use text messaging to target this demographic.

4. Link SMS to Other Marketing Channels

The best marketing strategies incorporate a variety of media types. By putting information regarding SMS opt-in in your print, digital, and social media adverts, you may increase the number of people you may text. On the other hand, you can send your audience links to recent films, articles, or other content that you post via text messages. As a result, your reputation and customer loyalty can improve.

5. Send Your Messages at the Right Times

Time is everything. Similar to email, your response rates may change based on what time of day you send your text message. The best timing will depend on how your audience behaves. Nevertheless, you should send your communications when your target audience is open to hearing them and responding to you. Good times include before and after work hours, as well as at lunch. You’ll need to test the market to find the best times for you. Consequently, after 9 PM, generally speaking, avoid annoying your audience.

6. Inbox Previews

People always have their smartphones with them. As opposed to email, which you might check every few hours, a text message lets you know about it very immediately. It can be a good touch to message your contacts to let them know you’ve sent an email. This is especially true if your email contains information that your audience would prefer to read as soon as possible, such as a contest, test results, updates to an upcoming event, or a report.

7. Email Promotional Campaigns

A one-two punch is what it’s like when an SMS is delivered right after an email. According to Constant Contact, sending an SMS after sending an email might increase response rates. You can use a mobile device to deliver both of these messages to your audience. Additionally, since both types of media allow for two-way communication, you might engage in a conversation that would be impossible to conduct with other media.

8. Local Engagement

SMS is a viable communication channel that can help you approach your audience when they are close to your products or services. It’s also a good idea to anticipate your audience’s location and timing. According to a report published in Mobile Marketer, Southwest Airlines uses SMS to interact with its opt-in audience in airports. The airline increased its client base through a three-week marketing campaign. Southwest communicates with some customers by SMS to confirm flight information. If the customer chooses to receive them, Southwest will contact them with additional offers.

Retail establishments may do the same. For instance, you may send special promotions of products with a short shelf life to your opt-in consumers who are already in the store. In an effort to spark their curiosity and get them to ask the salesperson questions, you could also provide your audience accurate information on emerging product trends. The salesman may then complete the deal.

9. Delivering Special Offers Not Found Elsewhere is a Technique

The easiest way to appeal to your audience’s need for special treatment is to make them feel special by incorporating them in a select group. You can achieve this by employing text to promote special offers that you DO NOT promote on your website or in any other form of marketing. Sending these special offers to your audience via SMS is referred to as “positive disruption,” per study published in Marketing Profs. You see, even though your material is getting in the way of what your audience is doing, they still find it valuable to read since it contains pertinent information.

10. Use SMS to Follow Up On Online Sales

Developing relationships with clients goes beyond only what occurs before the transaction. In fact, more of it needs to happen after the sale if you want to cultivate committed customers, promote repeat business, and earn more money through referrals. Very few companies continue to communicate with customers after the sale. SMS is the best medium for delivering your post-purchase communications.

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